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Lending a Hand
A Hundred Hands is a nonprofit trust whose mission is to help those directly involved in the creation of handmade art, crafts and homemade foods, to earn a fair and sustainable livelihood from their work .

Our vision is to create a world that celebrates the pleasure of handmade crafts in our homes and daily lives.

We believe that working with our hands is an inherent instinct that stems from an ancient urge to express our individuality and create beauty – our ancestors decorated their caves for the joy of it. And steeped as we are in a world of mass-produced toys, automated responses and instant gratification, we view hand crafting as a means to slow down, de-stress, find satisfaction in the simple pleasures and lead more creative, contented and fulfilling lives

At A Hundred Hands we are driven by the four I’s:

Innovate: Evolve and reinvent products, designs, mediums and experiences
Interact: Participate! Encourage young people to develop a love of working with their hands and older ones to develop or reignite a hobby.
Inform: Build sensitivity and appreciation not only for the end result of handmade work but also the process and effort involved.
Include: Transcend social and economic barriers to build a community of artists and like-minded individuals. 

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