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The 7th Annual Handmade Collective and our debut in Mumbai

This was the year we debuted in Mumbai with our Annual Handmade Collective. Thanks to the Bhau Daji Lad Museum we  were able to find a brilliant space in central Mumbai.We continued the ‘Science in Art’ theme in Mumbai and it was a great success with the folks at Mumbai. It was a great combination of traditional art along with workshops on the science behind the craft that turned out to be the best launchpad we could have asked for.


The Annual Handmade Annual Collective, 2016 was held at Bangalore. The theme of our Collective for 2016 was also the launch of the MEtoWE project, which was a collaboration between our artists. Where two crafts collaborated to create a third combination – and a unique design. The end result was a brilliant collaboration and unique product ranges that were not only thrilling for our customers but also generated great sales for our artists.

This year despite the demonetization, most artist members had their best ever sales thanks to the painstaking detailing done by A Hundred Hands.

We went international with our homemade foods, this year with our Turkish friends setting up a Turkish food counter.

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