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The 4th Annual Handmade Collective  2013 and our debut at Fort Kochi

This year was a milestone year when it came to The Annual Handmade Collective. For the first time since its inception and ours, we moved to a different physical location and the first ‘big’ version of the Collective happened. This year, we held our Collective at the  Army’s Kochar Institute in  Bangalore, with a little over 50 artists members and had a whole new range of traditional art displayed.

Moving out of our comfort zone was a giant step forward. Our supporter base grew geometrically and suddenly we were no longer a small scale garden bazaar.

Alongside this collective was an Installation contest thrown open to all, with the winning installation going on display at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore for a week.

Another milestone for us, was that this year, the Annual Handmade Collective also found its way to Kochi, where we were supported by the David Hall Museum at For Kochi and the gracious Dominic Family.  The Annual Handmade Collective was warmly welcomed by folks from Kochi and turned out to be very successful our first time there.

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