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About Aardra

Aardra’s founder and creator, Vidya Nag discovered paper weaving purely by chance. Captivated by the potential of the craft, the surprising strength of the product and the pleasure it brings, she began to upcycle newspapers to create handwoven products in 2014.


Aardra means new or fresh in Sanskrit. To us, it also means giving the much-loved newspaper a long overdue makeover. It’s about weaving used newspaper into products to carry around, take home, and hold precious memories.

“We up cycle newspaper. So it’s not turned into papier-mâché or pulp. Instead, we make sure the newspaper can no longer absorb moisture. We then roll and manoeuvre tubes of the paper into clever patterns of warps and wefts, before priming and finishing. What you get is a product that not only looks good and strong but can be immediately used.”

Beginning as a do-it-yourself, at-home project, our product line now includes market bags, sling bags, clutches, handy organizer boxes and trays, packing cases, jewelry chests, book racks, and magazine holders to name a few.

On her work philosophy, Vidya says, “As an artist, I’ve always loved working with my hands. It’s extremely gratifying to see the results of my work and I’m sure others who create handmade products, share this feeling. This feeling is what pushes me on to keep making. And, if it means loads of excitement, endless days and sleepless nights to craft a new product, so be it!”


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